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Atreyu have set a title and release date for their next album. The record is titled Congregation of the Damned and is due out October 27, 2009. It was produced by Bob Marlette and mixed by Rich Costey. The band is promising a fall co-headlining tour with Hollywood Undead set to kick off in mid-October.

Vocalist Alex Varkatzas explained the title:

I wrote the line 'congregation of the damned' for one of the songs on the album and it got me thinking, It kind of feels like in a lot of ways that we, as members of a society, are just gathering around and collectively getting fucked over. When you look at what's going on in our economy and how other people treat each other, it's kind of like we're all just lemmings. We're lined up blankly staring blindly at nothing and just going along with the flow like a congregation of the damned. So this record really reflects my thoughts and feelings about that in every possible way.

The record is the follow up to their major label debut, Lead Sails Paper Anchor which was released in 2008