Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Dirtnap

Dirtnap Records have signed Ottawa, Ontario's The White Wires. The band once described their sound:

At first, we we going for something KBD-ish, minimal, hyper, and trashy. Then out came the EDDIE COCHRANE, and we ended up somewhere between the 50's pop, 60's garage, 70's punk, 80's new wave, and 90′ budget rock…..lost in the garbage dump! Thing is, it's really fun being lost there, and we've decided that we don't want to be found, so we're just gonna hang around in the poppy reverb'd trash!

The band is planning two new singles (on Trouble In Mind and Ugly Pop Records), a Canadian tour with Nobunny, an appearance at Gonerfest 6, and a reissue of their ltd-to-325 debut LP on Douchemaster Records. Following all that, the band will begin working on their Dirtnap debut, expected in early 2010.