Contributed by Chadreligion, Posted by Robotic Empire

Richmond,VA's Young Widows announced some upcoming projects, including a live record and writing for their follow up to 2008's Old Wounds.

We've been quite busy writing for our follow up to Old Wounds. So far so good! We are stoked on all the songs we've been writing and we'll be debuting some of them on our upcoming tours….

We have two releases to announce, both on Robotic Empire and both to be released in the next couple of months. The first is Evan [Patterson]'s project Bad Secrets, which was born out of improv jam sessions between him and The Kodan Armada's Dan Davis. They recorded three weekends of jamming together, whittled it down to seven songs and thus, their debut release is born. It will be release on 9"+CD! The second is a Young Widows live record! Ha. We had the privilage to play live on WMUC Radio back in April and it was all recorded. Andy was insistant on releasing it, probably why he stole our copy of the recording! It will be released on 12"+CD of a limited number.

The band will be performing at Best Friends Day 8 in Richmond with Dave Witte (Burnt By The Sun, Municipal Waste, Melt Banana) filling in for drummer Jeremy McMonigle at the show (he'll be in Finland). The band is also supporting Thursday and The Fall Of Troy this Fall as previously announced.