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In a recent interview Boris The Sprinkler vocalist Rev. Nørb (who we all of course also know and love from his columns in Maximum Rocknroll and Razorcake), Norb was asked about future recording plans. He responded:

From Boris, i dunno, probably not. The phones aren't exactly ringing off the hook with lucrative reunion album offers, which is fine, we're not a band, we don't really care. From me, i suppose i should release something else, but i deem CDs a dead format, and would like to release whatever it is i release as a vinyl/digital download type dealie, and for that i probably should have a website and i ain't got time for that so who knows. I did recently purchase a set of bongo drums so the world should be properly fearful.

Boris The Sprinkler reunited for Insubordination Fest earlier this year. You can check out the full interview at the Lucky Stars Radio Blog.