by Red Scare

Red Scare has announced that it will be reissuing the back catalogue from 90s-era pop-punk outfit, Sicko. The label explained:

Some of you youngsters may be not be familiar with them, so let me bring you up to speed. Punk rock in the 90's was pretty much dominated by the So-Cal sound. You know, the aggressive skate-punk stuff. But there was a small group of bands like Mr. T Experience, Jawbreaker, and J Church that were doing something a little different and more insightful with their punk rock. Sicko is one of those bands, and they were a HUGE favorite of mine as they were from my home state of Washington.

People were paying insane amounts of money for their outta print CDs, so we figured we'd do our part and bring you their entire catalog via the wonders of digital distro. I highly recommend you check out these records, Sicko was a super catchy, super fun band and I will always remember them fondly. In a strange coincidence, today is my birthday, and I can't think of a better gift to myself and to the rest of the punk community than to bring some of this music back into the light. All four full lengths: "You Can Feel The Love In This Room", "Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy", "Chef Boy-R-U-Dum", and "You Are Not The Boss Of Me!".

An unofficial Sicko profile on MySpace has some music streaming here. reviewed the band's 1994 album, You Can Feel The Love in This.

You can find all the reissues on iTunes here.