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In late 2009 Dirtnap Records will reissue The Marked Men's 2006 full length Fix My Brain on both CD and LP. The record was originally released via Swami Records. In a recent interview Marked Men vocalist / guitarist Mark Ryan discussed the circumstances of that release:

The Swami thing happened because John [Reis] contacted us and said, "Hey I like your band and would like to do something with you." We were pretty starstruck because we're all fans of his band, and we thought it would be a good idea. Well, It WAS a good idea. One of the main reasons we went back to Dirtnap was because Ken was already going to rerelease our first record because Rip it Off couldn't do it, and Dirtnap already did our second record, so it made things a lot simpler, and I've always had a great experience working with Ken. And, he knows the band isn't functioning anymore, and he's cool with that. Swami is slowing down quite a bit and it doesn't seem to be doing much as a label anymore.

The release is expected in November.