by Think Fast!

Think Fast! Records hardcore act Outbreak have announced their next album. The record is due out November 10, 2009 and follows their Work to Death [7 inch] which was released earlier this year.

Additionally, Think Fast! has announced that a stream of a new song and pre-orders will be posted this coming Thursday, September 3rd, at 9:00pm EST. Outbreak will be touring with Hour Of The Wolf in October/November, including a stop at The Fest. More tour announcements are expected to surface in the coming months.

  1. A Sign Of Things To Follow
  2. Human Target
  3. HL
  4. Misdirected
  5. Temporary Hype
  6. In The Digital World
  7. Analyze/Criticize
  8. Multiple Personality Disorder
  9. Sedate Me
  10. (Work)ing Dead
  11. Warning Signs
  12. The Countdown Begins
  13. Too Paranoid For Politics
  14. Don't Want To Fade (To Death)
  15. Concealed