Contributed by DrewXFishy, Posted by Vagrant

Saves The Day front man Chris Conley recently sent an update via the Saves the Day mailing list with the track listing to the upcoming full-length, Daybreak. The record is the third part of the trilogy following 2006's Sound the Alarm and 2007's Under the Boards.

The band also recently left an update via Twitter, reading:

Daybreak is nearly wrapped up. Hoping to have some cool updates soon, so hang tight. However, these rough mixes sound fantastic.

  1. I. Somehow You Love Me
    II. Fucked Up Past the Point of Fixing
    III. 8 Am
    IV. Zig Zag
    V. Daybreak
  2. Let It All Go
  3. 1984
  4. E
  5. Z
  6. Deranged & Desperate
  7. Chameleon
  8. Living Without Love
  9. U
  10. O
  11. Undress Me