The Flipsides have finished recording their debut full-length for Pink & Black/Fat Wreck Chords. They just got back to playing live in April after taking a few months off to record the album. The band also recorded a brand-new tune for Adeline Records' "Every Dog Will Have It's Day" Compilation set for June 18th release, and yet another new one for a comp, set for release in August 2002. To see the bands involved in both of those comps, click READ MORE.

On the End Records/ comp. "Empty Hearts, Broken Bottles" there are unreleased (non-live) tracks from: The Flipsides, Arthur (MxPx +1), Slowride (ex member-Rev. Horton Heat, and ex member-Queers), Forty Winks, Darlington, The Gadjits, Dead Sexy (ex member-Saturday Supercade), Showoff, Armstrong (ex-Hagish and current member of GWAR), Red Animal War, Travoltas, Consumed, Lucky 7, The Charismatics, Audiocrush (featuring ex-members of Good Riddance, and Fury 66), The Gamits, The Line, and the Adderallics.

The Adeline Records comp. "Every Dog Will Have It's Day" there are unreleased (not pawn off live recordings, non-live)tracks from: The Flipsides, Green Day, The Influents, GC5, Common Rider, One Time Angels, The Flipsides, Thumbs, Plus Ones, Timmy Goes Boom, Fetish, The Pattern, Fleshies, The Crush, Vena Cava, Enemy You, Agent 51, East Bay Chasers, and The Frisk.