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"Failed Experiment Records in Chicago is putting out an anti-police brutality benefit compilation to raise money for Human Rights Watch. The CD is a memorial for Amadou Diallo, who was murdered by 41 police bullets in 1999. The comp features unreleased tracks by bands like Anti-Flag, Common Rider (ex-Operation Ivy), The Methadones, J-Church, Plan A Project, and more. The CD comes out June 25th and will ship on that date, but is available for pre-orders as of today for $10 ppd through Red Line Distribution. $3 from each record sold goes to HRW."
The tracklisting is below - anything with a * means it's live/unreleased.

1. Strike Anywhere - Sunset on 32nd [live]*
2. Munition - Uncontrollable*
3. Fifteen - Stolen Lives
4. The Methadones - Ugly Things About You*
5. The 4-Squares - Sludge
6. Anti-Flag - That's When I Reach For My Revolver* (originally by Mission of Burma)
7. Common Rider - Longshot*
8. J-Church - Off The Pigs…*
9. The Lawrence Arms - Nebraska [live]*
10. Squirtgun - Social [live]*
11. The Arrivals - Francois*
12. Plan A Project - Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades*
13. Youth Brigade - Men In Blue