on July 1st, Beer City Records will be reissueing Verbal Abuse's first full length 'JUST AN AMERICAN BAND'. This was one of the first thrash hardcore records to come out in the early 80's. Not only will Beer City be releasing this full length on CD , but the CD will also include a 14 song live set when Verbal Abuse opened for THE RAMONES back in the early 80's on their east coast tour. A few of those tracks are songs that never were recorded, too. In addition to this, Beer City will also be putting out a CD for Verbal Abuse's frontman Nikki Sikki's new band called Humungus. The CD is entitled "I Hate Motherfuckin Cops." It's described as being "hardcore punk with some rock n roll overtones." It features ex-Dead Boy Cheetah Chrome on guitar and will be coming out the same time as the Verbal Abuse CD. Also, a Verbal Abuse reunion tour is in the planning stages - go on over to for more info.