House of Commons

Material from 80s Victoria, BC based punk act House of Commons has been collected and re-released via the long running UK based Artcore Fanzine. The latest issue of the zine is packaged with the band's Guilty As Hell collection, a 14 song CD comprised of 1983's 7 song Patriot mini-LP, their 5 song self-titled debut and two demos. All material has been remastered for the release. A 20 minute documentary is included on the enhanced portion of the disc, featuring two videos and seven live songs along with TV news footage of the band. Artcore says "House of Commons took the classic Vancouver guitar sound, as pioneered by bands like the Subhumans, threw in some Youth Brigade, Toxic Reasons and the darker edge of bands like Born Without a Face to create their own unique hardcore sound."

Artcore has been around since 1986 and is published roughly once a year. Details on the 26th issue, which features the House Of Commons reissue, can be found at their website.