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An interview with Sublime founding drummer Bud Gaugh was posted recently on the band's MySpace page. In it he discusses the band's October 24th reunion show at the Smokeout Festival and their new lead singer / guitarist Rome. As for future plans he revealed:

It'd be great to get back into the studio and make some new music. It'd be great to tour again. But we're taking it a step at a time and as long as each step feels good, then we'll keep on going. One major project under development that we're psyched about is code-named "Brad's House." The idea is to provide free addiction recovery service to underprivileged teens in Brad's honor. The entire Sublime family was devastated by Brad's loss and we would like to help prevent that from happening to others. The band has agreed to allocate proceeds to get this started. We'll begin with one facility but our hope is that we can get other bands and organizations to join us and we can eventually scale it all across the country.

Sublime originally called it quits in 1996 following the heroin overdose which took the life of frontman Bradley Nowell. The band's reformation has come with a host of legal challenges. The trio's use of the name Sublime has been challenged by Silverback Management's Jon Phillips, who according to the LA Times has acted as the band's co-manager since 2003 (we're not sure how that works -ed), as well as the estate of Bradley Nowell. Nowell's family publically disapproved of the reunion and unsuccessfully tried to block it with a restraining order.