Gainesville, FL-based Sound Study Recordings will soon be releasing Live At The Atlantic Vol. III. The LP features 13 live tracks recording at last year's Fest in Gainesville, FL and is being released just in time for this year's edition of Fest which is happening this weekend. The record features tracks from Ruiner, Tiltwheel, City of Ships, Static Radio NJ, Gatorface and several others.


  1. In Defence - All Hail the Taco Avenger
  2. La Salle - To Sea
  3. Cutman - Self Employed
  4. Fin Fang Foom - Native Tounge
  5. Comadre - Make Me Believe
  6. Building The State - Untitled iv


  1. City of Ships - Night Visions
  2. Static Radio - Stand Aside/Last Call
  3. Tiltwheel - Fuck You This Place is Dead Anyway
  4. Gatorface - Flak Jacket
  5. Suicide Note - Truly Historic
  6. Used Kids - Dancing Off The Edge of the World
  7. Ruiner - Adhering to Superstition