by Desoto

Jawbox frontman J. Robbins recently addressed rumours that the band would be reuniting for more shows beyond their appearance on Jimmy Fallon. The performance is set to coincide with the re-issue of the band's album For Your Own Special Sweetheart [Reissue] on November 24, 2009.

Robbins said this:

It seems like if we were ever going to do it -- now would be the time. We all put our heads together, and it just seemed like -- with all of us in different cities and leading complicated and over-committed lives as we do -- that it would be very, very difficult for us to to dedicate the time it would take for us to live up to the standards that we want to live up to.

If we were going to do shows, we would not want it to be half-assed. There were good and bad things about Jawbox, but we always held ourselves to a pretty high standard as far as playing shows. We would want to make sure we did it right, and we felt like we couldn't take the time to do that. So that was pretty much the beginning and the end of the reunion discussion.

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