by Hopeless

Hopeless Records has posted the cover-art and tracklisting for their sampler "Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 4." The CD will be released June 25th and include 18 tracks (10 unreleased). The unreleased tracks are by bands such as Common Rider, The Weakerthans, Mustard Plug, Samiam, Thrice, Atom and His Package, Against All Authority, Jeff Ott (of Fifteen), Digger and Avenged Sevenfold. Click READ MORE for the tracklist.

1. Thrice "Betrayal is a Symptom" from the illusion of safety - SC021 CD/LP
2. Avenged Sevenfold "Second Heartbeat" - Unreleased
3. Against All Authority "Dinkas When I Close My Eyes" from 24 Hr Roadside Resistance - HR642 CD/LP
4. Common Rider "Small Pebble" - Unreleased
5. The Weakerthans "Past due" - Unreleased
6. Atom and His Package "Upside Down from Here" from Redefining Music - HR653 CD/LP
7. Mustard Plug "Not Enough" - Unreleased
8. Samiam "Look No Hand" - Unreleased
9. Digger "The Ninja, The Pinto, The Dan Marino" - Unreleased
10. Selby Tigers "Cheerleading is Big Business" from The Curse of… - HR661 CD/LP
11. Scared of Chaka "Glass Socket Broken Jaw" from Crossing with Switchblades - HR655 CD/LP
12. Mustard Plug "Away From Here" from Pray for Mojo - HR638 CD/LP
13. The Weakerthans "Aside" from Left and Leaving - SC011 CD/LP
14. Atom and His Package "Possession (Not the one by Danzig)" - Unreleased
15. Against All Authority - "Out A Luck" unreleased
16. Jeff Ott (of Fifteen) "Who's Your Daddy (acoustic)" - Unreleased
17. Avenged Sevenfold "Darkness Surrounding" from Sounding the Seventh Trumpet - HR660 CD
18. Thrice "Hideous Strength" - Unreleased