Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by 6131

Bane has announced another new EP. Coming on the heels of their Boston 6:58pm from earlier this month, the hardcore veterans will be releasing six more new songs. The band recorded with Jay Maas at Getaway Studios in June 2009 and six new songs named after American soap operas.

The band's new songs will be released on various labels throughout the world, all of which will have their own signature title and cover art for the release. Various photographers were contacted in the different locations around the world where the records would be released and a photo shoot at the exact minute on the same day took place, seven photographers took a picture of their city skyline at that minute, on that day.

For some it was 7:58 in the morning, for others 12:58 at night, but they all pulled it off and the photo they took would be the cover and the title of the release for each territory, Tokyo 7:58am, Dublin 11:58pm, Boston 6:58pm, Perth 7:58am and to be released by 6131 Records on December 8th - Los Angeles, 3:58 pm.