Constants are set to record with Jesu and Godflesh member, Justin Broadrick. The band is currently on a fall tour supporting their album, The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension, and they have begun demoing with plans to begin tracking later this year in guitarist/vocalist Will Benoit's burgeoning recording studio, located in a historic barn deep in the woods of Connecticut.. They commented:

Justin remixed a song for the Japanese version of our last album (Stiff Slack Records), and we were really into the direction he took the music. After talking with him for a while, we asked if he'd be interested in mixing our next record, and he offered to produce it. The material so far is faster and heavier than anything we've done yet, and it's exciting for us to be working in a fresh and isolated environment, free from city distractions. Presenting our ideas to Justin, who has had such an impact on modern music - we've upped our level of intensity and focus. Surprisingly the process has been more inspiring than intimidating so far.

Broadrick began his musical career in grind-pioneers Napalm Death before forming industrial act Godflesh and then post-hardcore/shoegaze outfit Jesu.