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Bomb the Music Industry! have announcced the Bring Your Own Band Tour. They explained:

I thought this would be a fun way to wrap up the year, exactly how it got started - with me (having no ideas what I'm doing regardless of what country I am in), an iPod and a guitar. Also, this will be the first iPod tour in the states in over two years, since the release of Get Warmer.

1) IF YOU HAVE AN INSTRUMENT AND WANT TO PLAY A SONG OR THREE BRING IT ON DOWN! This offer is open for all of our shows, but sometimes shit needs to be mentioned again for people who have missed it. Also, you're really contributing if you bring some shit into these shows.

November 12, 2009Soggy Dog HouseLakewood, OH
November 13, 2009Mac's BarLansing, MI
November 14, 2009Ronny'sChicago, IL
November 15, 2009FirebirdSt. Louis, MO
November 16, 2009Skull AlleyLousville, KY
November 17, 2009222 OrnsbyPittsburgh, PA
November 18, 2009Ava HousePhiladelphia, PA