Matt Skiba
Contributed by headphonesbroke, Posted by Asian Man

Asian Man Records has announced an indefinite delay on the upcoming solo album from Alkaline Trio guitarist/vocalist Matt Skiba. The album, called Demos, was slated for a February 16, 2010 release. Mike Park explains:

The release is going to be pushed back until after the new Alkaline Trio album is released. When you're in a big band like the Trio, sometimes you have to play by the rules of the big wigs in charge of whatever big wigs do. Matt told me he'd let me know as soon as possible in terms of a release date. The album is finished, mastered, and ready to be delivered as soon as we are given an exact date. Sorry if this causes any heartache to anyone, but will keep you updated as soon as we know what's going on.

Skiba last released a split CD with Kevin Seconds in 2002. Meanwhile, his Trio bandmate Dan Andriano has been playing solo shows under the name The Emergency Room, and Alkaline Trio are slated to self-release their next full-length sometime in the future. It would probably be a reasonable assumption that the new Trio album will come early in 2010, perhaps in February.