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Punk legend John Lydon has responded to the controversy about his Country Life butter commercials by revealing that the £5m TV campaign was instrumental in funding his forthcoming tour with Public Image Limited.

Speaking to Camden New Journal, the singer said this:

Why are they questioning me? What manual am I supposed to adopt? I'm promoting a British product which I'm very proud of. Anything I can do to help British industry is fine by me and in return you've got PiL. he money I got from that advert is the advance on the PiL tour. We live on a lucky end of a shoestring here until the first gig money comes in.

Also, regarding the tour, Lydon had this to say:

Expect extreme good taste, variety, voracity, honesty, excitability - a full gauntlet of all the emotions a human being can possibly go through. Songs that experience the tragedy of death to the joy of life.