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Death to False Hope Records have released their second free compilation today. It can be downloaded at the label's website. The collection features previously unreleased songs by Why I Hate (featuring members of Divit), Off with Their Heads, Red Collar, Fierce Brosnan (members of Let Me Run and Static Radio NJ), and Punknews community spawned miscreants the Sandwiches. Other bands on the comp include Carpenter and Anchor Arms.

  1. Red City Radio- Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads
  2. Captain,We're Sinking!- Crushed By Milwaukee's Best
  3. Carpenter- You Can't Keep a Good Man Down
  4. 10-4 Eleanor- it's Alive!
  5. Why I Hate- The Symbol That is Sewn, It's Not Who I'm Known to Be (members of Divit)*
  6. American War- Bricks(members of the sidekicks)
  7. Off With Their Heads- I Am You(Live at the Brewery in Raleigh)*
  8. The Brass- Dead Soldier Strut(members of latterman)
  9. Cold and Come of Age- Absolution RX
  10. The Anchor- Yachting on a Bass Boat
  11. Antillectual- Sponsorship for Life
  12. Red Tape Parade- You Can Only Say What It Is in French
  13. Red Collar- Hands Up(Live at the Piano Bar in Brooklyn)*
  14. Cold Carving- Cold
  15. My Heart to Joy- Seasons in Verse
  16. Random Orbits- The Gang Exploits a Miracle
  17. Jay Heart Montreal- Calender Days*
  18. Fierce Brosnan- All We Have(2009 mix)(members of Let Me Run/Static Radio)*
  19. Restorations- Frankford(members of Jena Berlin)
  20. Authors- Sterile
  21. Anchor Arms- Rusty Nails
  22. Arliss Nancy- Rust(members of 10-4 Eleanor)
  23. No Heroes- Neon Signs
  24. The Sandwiches- I Got Band from *

* previously unreleased.