Alkaline Trio title new album
Contributed by exthuse, Posted by Epitaph

According to a Rock Sound report, Alkaline Trio have set a title for their forthcoming album and first release through a new partnership with Epitaph Records. The record will be called This Addiction. Co-vocalist Matt Skiba had this to say:

It is the first song on the record and the title of our new album. The song takes heroin addiction as a metaphor for love. The whole record is really personal, all three of us have been through quite a bit since our last album [2008's 'Agony & Irony'] and it is all expressed through this, all the songs are about the relationships we've been in and so the record has a constant theme.

The record is expected in 2010. Rumour is the album will be out by the second week of January though this remains unconfirmed.