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Phillip Hill, guitarist from the Teen Idols was hospitalized with a collapsed lung over the weekend. He made the following statement via Facebook:

I'm finally home from the hospital after getting jumped by four guys on Friday night. These guys were attacking a girl in a parking lot where my car was parked and I tried to save her. They tackled me backwards onto a parking block, breaking four of my ribs and partially collapsing my right lung. Then they took turns stomping my face and chest. One of them tore off the side-view mirror of the car and shattered it repeatedly into my face. It's going to be a long, painful recovery. Thanks for the tons of kind messages I've already received."

Mass Giorgini who played in Screeching Weasel with Phil has set up an account to help raise money for his hospital bills, and made this announcement:

Phillip is a tough guy, and he's keeping his chin up in spite of everything. He would never ask for help, because he doesn't like putting people out. In fact, when I found out about his situation Saturday morning, I had to volunteer to notify his mom -- he couldn't call her, because he couldn't speak with a collapsed lung. He couldn't text, because she had no cell phone. That's just how he is -- stoic, and very independent. But there is another issue -- like many musicians, I know he has no insurance plan. As Obama's plan hasn't gone through yet, there is no national plan to cover him."

Money can be sent through paypal for those who care to contribute at