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Sources are reporting that a new biopic featuring Blink 182 is in production. The film is being spearheaded by director Brandon Flores who is a fan of the band and wants to give a glimpse into their early days, even if the members have yet to support the project.

As of right now, the film has a small $55,000 budget and has not secured the participation of the band or licensed their music. Mark Hoppus was asked about the project and said this:

No, I didn't know anything about the movie. I wonder how it pays? Should I try out for the part of Tom?

The director spoke to MTV explaining the idea:

I saw that movie and I thought, 'The guys in Blink deserve a movie like that about them,' They have an awesome life, and they're one of my favorite bands. So the idea got in my head, and over the summer -- right around the time of the Blink reunion tour -- my friends and I started writing a script about their early days. We've been getting a lot of angry e-mails, people asking me why we're making a movie, if the guys in Blink are still alive or saying we're going around trying to make up history, since we weren't there at the beginning. I try to tell them that I'm a Blink fan, and I'm trying my best not to fuck up history. We've been getting help from a lot of fans who were there at the beginning. We want to do this right.

Blink 182 was formed in 1992. They reunited this year.