The Banner

Bloomfield, NJ's The Banner have called it a day. The band offered a drama-free explanation via MySpace: "Alright as im sure you may have guessed The Banner is embarking on our Swan song. Theres no drama or nothing its just we pretty much did everything i wished to do and id like to bow out as gracefully as we are capable (yeah, i know, but for us this is as graceful as youre gonna get.) Were gonna play a last show at the end of the year. im not sure of exactly when someone could nail down a start date of this band but it was 1999-2000 so the end of 2010 will be at least ten years and ten years/6 records is something i can move on feeling ok about. … Gonna be working on final EP of sorts that will ideally be out before the last show, Wondering who is gonna put it out? NOBODY, I begged and pleaded but everybody was "too busy". if i can gather enough funds after paying for recording ill press it myself but lets face it…probably not gonna happen. No, looks like the last album will be coming out on Mediafire Records."

Over the years, the band issued material through labels like Blackout! Records and Ferret Records, the most recent being 2008's Frailty.