Let's Wrestle signs to Merge
Contributed by inagreendase, Posted by Merge

Let's Wrestle has signed to Merge Records. The label will release the band's debut full length album, In The Court Of Wrestling Let's on March 23rd. Singer/guitarist Patrick Gonzalez had this to say:

As I sit here watching Richie Rich on Halloween, I think of the exciting Merge release of Let's Wrestle. Let's Wrestle are Big Rock Stars in England, fighting off girls and suing all the other pop stars (they once sued Seal and Heidi Klum for custody of their children), but they are relatively unknown in the US of stateside. Let's Wrestle are getting ready to play poker with the Yankee big dogs. Now when I say Yankee big dogs, I mean Great fucking Danes which is something you have probably heard about Merge. These guys are ruthless! We don't know if Merge have a motto, but I imagine it might be "don't play with wasps if you don't want to get stung by wasps.

You can hear a few tracks from the band on their MySpace page.