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"Out now A Radio With Guts - Beat Heart Sweet Stereo, on Knock Knock Records - for anyone who's ever had a broken heart or thought about ending it all, here is the sound track to your depression. From the ashes of the Connie Dungs comes A RADIO WITH GUTS. Picking up where the Dungs' final album, "Eternal Bad Luck Charm", left off "Beat Heart Sweet Stereo" delivers 12 sonic blasts of emotional out bursts in an easy to swallow pill. Any hang ups you have had with the Connie Dungs should be thrown out the window. Gone are the silly and quirky Queers inspired ditties. Meet their replacements; depression and isolation. Brandon Tussey (guitar and vocals) bares his soul and gives the listener a peak at his inner most fears and heartache. It's like reading a diary with a 4/4 beat. Don't call it emo. Don't call it pop punk. Call it what it is, real emotion played really catchy. You can check out 2 tracks from the album here."