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D.R.I. has set an April 13, 2010 release date for the upcoming reissue of 1987's Crossover. The reissue will be remastered and released on CD, LP and digital. It was remastered by Bill Metoyer, who was the engineer for the original recordings. The CD and digital version of the reissue will include the original 13 songs plus 11 bonus tracks.

The band as scheduled a number of U.S. dates during the coming months. Prior to 2009, the band's last show in North America was September 2004 when a proposed winter tour was abruptly canceled by the news that founding member Spike Cassidy was diagnosed with colon cancer. He underwent surgery (a one-foot section of large intestine was removed through an eight-inch incision in his stomach on March 27, 2006), radiation and chemotherapy and is said to be winning the battle against the disease.

  1. The Five Year Plan
  2. Tear It Down
  3. A Coffin
  4. Probation
  5. I.D.K.Y.
  6. Decisions
  7. Hooked
  8. Go Die
  9. Redline
  10. No Religion
  11. Fun And Games
  12. Oblivion
  13. Outro
  14. The Five Year Plan (Live At the Ritz)
  15. Redline (Live At the Ritz)
  16. Fun And Games (Live At the Ritz)
  17. Tear It Down (Live At the Ritz)
  18. Probation (Live At the Ritz)
  19. Go Die (Live At the Ritz)
  20. The Five Year Plan (Demo)
  21. Fun And Games (Demo)
  22. Kurt (Interview)
  23. Spike (Interview)
  24. Josh and Felix (Interview)