YOU help raise ANOTHER $7,000 for earthquake relief in Haiti, more auctions tonight!

The second round of auctions to benefit the survivors of the Haiti Earthquake ended last night to great success. Thanks to some generous donations from Limited Pressing, members of the Punknews staff, Suburban Home, dedicated fans and readers and several bands and labels we managed to raise nearly 7,000 more dollars, bringing the total to $14,653.42. This obviously would not have been successful without all of you spreading the word - so thanks to anyone who took the time on Twitter to retweet what we were doing, post a note in a forum or tell someone online. Congratulations to all the winners and all the bidders. We've got another astounding list of stuff going up tonight. So check back around 10pm EST or so at LimitedPressing to see all the items.

Thanks all, especially Vinnie F and Paper And Plastick, Tom and Nick at LimitedPressing and Joshua at Vinyl Vlog.

Check back at 10pm EST and we've got some other ways to donate on their way as well!

If you're interested in knowing the various prices for various items you can check out the list here: Limited Pressing Stats.