A punk band from St. Catharines, Ontario has drawn the ire of local activists due to their name and poster art. Sexual Assault, a young five-piece from the city, caught the attention of the Feminist Action Collective with flyers promoting a recent show. The advertisements depict a woman with her legs spread and the band's name written across her lower body. The group has since started a campaign to have the posters removed, with the ultimate goal of convincing the band to change their name.

In an article which ran in Niagara area papers, band member Alex Andrews acknowledged that the name was provocative, and purposefully so. He commented, "There's been bands for 30 years now who have had offensive names. I think the idea of punk is to try and break the taboos, right? To be out there and offensive, so to speak. That's the whole image of punk." More details on the disagreement over the band's image can be found in the Welland Tribune.