by Photo Finish

Envy on the Coast have announced plans to release their new album, LowCountry. The record is due out March 10, 2010. Accordingly, the band has added two new songs, "Numb" and "Devil's Tongue", to their MySpace page.

  1. Death March on two, ready?
  2. The Devil's Tongue
  3. Headfirst in the River
  4. Puritan Dirt Song
  5. Laugh Ourselves to Death
  6. The Great American t-shirt Racket
  7. Southern Comfort
  8. *
  9. Like I Do
  10. Numb
  11. Made of Stone
  12. Clean of You
  13. Bad News
  14. Spinal Cords
  15. Clergy
  16. Company of Men