My Heart to Joy
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My Heart to Joy entered the studio this week to record a new EP, expected out later this year. Once out, it'll follow up 2009's Seasons in Verse.

The band also has some shows scattered around the Northeast in the coming weeks.

February 19, 2010Bear, DEThe BarnSnowing, Balance and Composure, Transit
February 20, 2010Brooklyn, NYBushwick Music StudiosSnowing, Jettison
February 21, 2010Montclair, NJThe MeatlockerSnowing, Slingshot Dakota
March 19, 2010Scribia, NYScribia VFWMake Do and Mend
March 20, 2010Potsdam, NYHurley's NightclubMake Do and Mend
March 21, 2010Middletown, NYThe ClassroomMake Do and Mend, Measured in Gray
April 11, 2010Providence, RIURI Coffee HouseGrown Ups, 1994!