Chinese Telephones "Democracy" headed to vinyl

Chinese Telephones much loved singles/vinyl compilation Democracy is headed for a vinyl release. The pop-punk band's label, It's Alive and Sandwich Man Records are co-releasing the album and had this to say:

I decided that the Chinese Telephones 'Democracy' collection should have a proper vinyl release, and the folks at It's Alive Records agreed, so we're split-releasing the LP! It has been completely re-mastered AGAIN by Justin Perkins, because some files from the cd mastering were misplaced. Also, there will be one more track than on the cd (aside from the Guided by Voices cover, which was unlisted on the cd). So this is the version that has EVERYTHING we've released, other than the s/t full length.

We're only pressing 500, so be warned: They might go quickly. Or they might not. Also, I probably won't let nerds buy a bunch of copies. There will be at least 100 on colored vinyl, and possibly 2 different sets of 100 on colored vinyl. One for Sandwich Man and one for It's Alive. We haven't worked out those details yet. Either way, there will be some baseball card versions for you people that buy records so you can post pictures of them on the internet rather than listen to them.

Along with this compilation, the band released their sole full length, Chinese Telephones in 2007.

Update: We were confused. IT's coming out on vinyl but the CD is not being re-released.