New Creases

Over the past seven months, Columbus, Ohio's New Creases have performed a smattering of local shows and created an undeniably catchy, hook-laden EP that should please even the most jaded Jawbreaker fans. Punknews interviewer Brandon Campbell caught up with New Creases to discuss their origin and their future.

Please, introduce yourselves. Who plays what instrument, where are you guys from, how did you get together and start playing music?

Troy Allen: I’m Troy, I play bass and I’m from Columbus. Mickey plays guitar and is from Cleveland, but ran away to Columbus. Bobby plays drums, lives on the Eastside and drinks way too much coffee.

I noticed that you three are all in another band, Heath Deadger. Is New Creases a side project or is it your main band and how long have you guys been playing in those bands respectively?

Mickey Mocnik: [New Creases] started as a side project, but it worked out pretty well and I think that's why we pay it just as much attention as Heath Deadger. We've had both bands since January.

How would you compare your experience of playing in one band versus the other?

Allen: Me and Bobby like Heath Deadger because we can get wasted and play fine.

Mickey: I like New Creases because I like playing guitar in a band and singing about how much a jerk Joe is.

I listened to your self-titled EP and loved it. What kind of reaction have you guys been getting since its release?

Bobby Leonard: People seem to like it.

Mocnik: At Berea Fest we heard people singing along, so that must mean people are listening to it. That was pretty cool.

What was the recording process like?

Leonard: We recorded the EP at my studio, so it was laid back, took our time, had to finish a couple songs while tracking, but other than that it was pretty much smooth sailin’.

Mocnik: I ate like eight pieces of pizza and busted that shit (vocals) out in a half hour.

What is it like being in a punk band in Ohio?

Mocnik: In the D.I.Y. scene, Columbus gets a lot of bands on tour that wanna play here, so we get asked to play a few shows a month. It can be overwhelming especially since we have two bands, but we make a lot of friends that way and play with bands we like. We mostly play houses.

According to your MySpace, you have an eclectic mix of artists listed as your influences which includes the likes of Superchunk and Jawbreaker. How has such a diverse taste in music affected your song writing?

Allen: We obviously rip off The Replacements.

Mocnik: Troy listens to A LOT of Replacements and Hot Water Music. I listen to a lot of pop punk, but not the sugary stuff. When me and Troy write songs we feed off each other; the songs develop as we practice. We listen to a lot of the same shit.

What is your song writing process like? Do you have one person who tends to lead the process or is it fairly democratic with everyone having equal say?

Mocnik: This band is a dictatorship, ruled by me.

Allen: Before we got into the groove of things, I would write one riff and then Mickey would take it from there.

Mocnik: Lately we've each been writing full songs and noodling around at practice ‘til they're done.

As far as New Creases is concerned, what are your future plans? Is touring or recording a full-length on the horizon?

Mocnik: We wanna put out 7" real bad. Right now we're busy with Heath Deadger stuff though, and broke.

Allen: I wanna put out a full length, fuck a 7".

Leonard: I wanna do a full length and to do a tour with this band, I think it'd be a lot different than a Heath Deadger tour.

Does New Creases have a mission statement? Do you guys have a message for the world or are you just out to have fun and play music?

Bobby: "Shit's about to get drunk and weird."

Allen: I like to drink beer and get weird with Bobby and write songs about girls.

Mocnik: I wrote my songs cause I was sad and bitter, which I think people can relate to. As you can see, we're not into the message with this band, it's more about noodling.

Are any of you media junkies? In other words, what are your entertainment vices? Are any of you addicted to books, TV, movies or video games?

Mocnik: Bobby is constantly on his iPhone and Troy just got a Blackberry. I like to lurk/talk shit on forums.

Leonard: I like hulu. Hulu's really sweet.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Mocnik: We're not ashamed of wussing out.