John K. Samson of the Weakerthans talks about live album, future releases
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John K. Samson of The Weakerthans spoke to Exclaim about their live album and some future plans. He talks about his comfort with performing live and how music improves when performed live:

I think that coming out of punk rock, at least for me, it took me a long time to enjoy playing live. And I remember those first Weakerthans tours, really not enjoying the live part of life. I didn't really enjoy playing music live until not so long ago. To me, there are a lot of songs where I'm happier with [the live versions] of them than I am with the studio versions, just because a lot of times you make a recording and you haven't really let the songs grow up in front of an audience yet. They become something else. So it's nice to have these versions that I'm happy with. Songs can change in a lot of surprising ways.

He also talks about the follow up to 2007's Reunion Tour, suggesting it might be a little while. He also mentioned that the band's tour recordings mentioned last year would make a future movie/documentary about their time on the road with the Constantines.

Check out the interview here.