The Carrier

Another wave of bands have been announced for Long Island Fest 2010. Skycamefalling and Scraps and Heart Attacks will reunite for sets. Also slated to play now are This Is Hell, the Carrier, Trapped Under Ice, End of a Year, Tigers Jaw, Capital, Daylight, Revenance, Dead End Path, Tomahawk Chop, Wolverine and Crooked Mouths.

The fest is set to take place June 10-12 on Long Island, NY at two different venues: Amityville's Broadway Bar and Garden City's Ethical Humanist Society. A few more bands will be sporadically announced in the coming weeks.

  • Agent
  • Ambitions
  • Backtrack
  • Balance and Composure
  • The Banner
  • Bracewar
  • Bring Out Your Dead
  • The Carrier
  • Cipher
  • Crooked Mouths
  • Capital
  • Daylight
  • Dead End Path
  • End of a Year
  • Fire and Ice
  • Hostage Calm
  • Incendiary
  • Iron Chic
  • Make Do and Mend
  • Maximum Penalty
  • My Heart to Joy
  • Naysayer
  • Revenance
  • Rock Bottom
  • Scourge
  • Scraps and Heart Attacks (reunion)
  • Skycamefalling (reunion)
  • Stand Your Ground [NY]
  • Subterfuge (reunion)
  • Suburban Scum
  • Thieves and Assassins
  • This Is Hell
  • Tigers Jaw
  • Tomahawk Chop
  • Trapped Under Ice
  • Wolverine