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"Last Saturday I get a call (from the Springfields) saying "Hey man we're not on the bill anymore." Wondering what the hell is going on, I hear that they were bumped off the show because of questionable content and censorship issues (for lack of a better word). If you've ever seen or heard the Springfields you may understand. They are four guys in their early twenties/late teens who write songs about what they know. Song content consisting of being the outcast, suicide, girls, alcohol consumption, and such are prevalent (on their cd as well as many of their contemporaries). So why are they being singled out on this issue? Well if you decided to pick up their cd you'd realize that out of the 14 tracks MAYBE 2 are of questionable content. One is about Britney Spears (who exploits herself enough and so the song is really just about that) and the other is about having sex in general (kids are having premarital sex nowadays??). I am sorry if you find this to be juvenile and would not like to see them (then don't go to one of their shows), but the majority of their songs are more about life in general and what it is like living day to day."
Some of the band's lyrics [although not the ones in question] have been posted under READ MORE. Adam goes on to say:
"You may not like this lyrically, but it is by no means a reason to ban a touring band from a show. I, personally, am not one to support censorship and such (especially when it pertains to music), so I figured this would be something you guys would be interested in. If you have any questions email me directly and I will give you the whole story"
Any thoughts, people?

Moving on up, yeah I know it's a pain//I'm just a young punk rocker, trying to stake my claim// Independence within reach, don't tell me what I'm thinkin'//It's me against the world I'm gonna go down swingin'

"Johnny's Dead"
No Matter Who you are// No Matter where you go, or what you do//You must sleep in the bed you made// Wash the sheets when you are through

"Emo Song"
Cause I'm, I'm on my way// A brighter life, a better day// So don't stand in my way// I'm moving up, things'll be okay… Today