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Thrash/hardcore outfit Racebannon have announced a new release prior to their upcoming full length. The band is planning a new collaboration with Jilly Weiss (We Are Hex), Yea Big, Kid Static in the form of a DJ-friendly 12-inch featuring remixes of the abrasive outfit's material. The record is titled Wrap The Body and is due out June 15, 2010. The 12-inch features the studio cut (recorded by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording), as well as instrumental and acapella versions on Side A.

The flip offers a mega-remix from Yea Big, who gives Wrap the Body a glitchy, organ-driven rework that keeps the essence of the original intact while leaving an indelible blueprint of his trademark sound. Long-time collaborator Kid Static also contributes verses to the remix, as does Bloomington rapper Stak, making this a remix in the truest sense. Both rappers offer performances rooted equally in both the cerebral and the visceral spheres, and help to take the track to an entirely different ether than the original.

The band has posted a "teaser" of the 12-inch on their MySpace page.