Tera Melos have posted a trailer in anticipation of their upcoming album. The band also posted a lengthy, all-caps note about the record:

As previously mentioned, our new record is finished. Artwork just got completed the other day. It sounds and looks awesome. No band will ever tell you that their favorite record was their first, or anything that came before their present body of work, hence, our new album is our favorite/the best piece of art Tera Melos has produced. […] In any case, this is the first fully realized, focused record we have made. Everything sounds intentional and the way we wanted it to sound. There are no cringe moments for us. In a lot of ways we look at it like it's our first album. It is 100% honest and not catered towards anyone. It's tricky making a record that way, it's even trickier structuring a band that way.

Find the trailer here and the blog post on Tumblr.