Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Think Fast!

Think Fast! Records have signed Ice Age. The band includes current former members of notable Long Island hardcore acts including This Is Hell and The Backup Plan. Vocalist and founding member Jeff Tiu comments:

The best thing about this band is that we do whatever we want. With other bands I've been in there was always a goal in terms of touring a certain amount, attaining a certain level of success and so on. Everyone in Ice Age has either a full time band or a career which leaves us in the unique position - it's actually quite a luxury. No one likes us when we play? So what, we had fun. No one buys our merch? Who cares, I had fun designing it. We're not lighting up the message boards? Big deal. We're doing this because we love it and anything beyond that is just gravy.

The band will release their debut, Dead Kings, through the label and references are made to hardcore legends Sick Of It All and metallic hardcore pioneers Unbroken. The album will be released on LP and digital formats, with no plans for a CD version. The title track can be found on their MySpace page.