Rise Against, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and others will be collaborating with legendary hip hop pioneers Public Enemy on their next album. The group is raising funds independently to finance the recording of the album through and are aiming to raise $75,000 though individual investors. Currently, the band has raised $56,375 through 2,225 individuals.

In related news, PE has also put together a new song critical of recent developments in Arizona. The band, who previous criticized the state's opposition to a Martin Luther King holiday in Arizona explained their objections in no uncertain terms.

Yeah, because the governor is a Hitler. Things do change from time to time but it goes right back into just proving that it wants to be something else. 'Tear Down That Wall' is something that has its own life. It's not that you're doing anything to be opportunistic. I talked about the wall not only just dividing the U.S. and Mexico but the states of California, New Mexico and Texas. But Arizona, it's like, come on. Now they're going to enforce a law that talks about basically racial profiling.

Check out the song here.