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In a new interview, The Vandals guitarist and Kung Fu Records co-founder spoke about the Vandals relative silence since the release of 2004's Hollywood Potato Chip. While the band has been performing (albeit controversially) in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Toronto, they have not been able to release any material in more than six years. Escalante explained:

Our last release was marred by a frivolous lawsuit filed against us by the show business trade publication The Daily Variety. They are really into promoting show business by ruining the releases of punk bands and record labels. They've sued us again, for something we didn't do, so we have to deal with this first.

We are trying to file an answer in the Delaware court system, which is a nightmare.

Joe also talks about the band's visit to Iraq which cause no end of controversy including cancelled shows in Europe, and the status of Kung Fu Records. Check out the interview via Kerpunk.