Insubordination Fest pits promoter, fans against venue, Sonar
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The otherwise well-recieved Insubordination Fest became the source of conflict between attendees of the 12-hour festival and club owners who were apparently trying to sell high-priced bottles of water while denying any other sources. While venue owner Dan McIntosh said bartenders were "encouraged" to sell water, no one was supposed to be denied tap water if requested.

That account differs from the view of most attendees who said they were denied water. Jacob Bruce, named in the report said this:

A manager had instructed all the bartenders not to hand out free water. I asked him what I was supposed to do and he said he could sell me a bottle for three dollars. said "three dollars!?" and he suggested that I buy a bottle and refill it in the bathroom, which I did all night right up until the of the show. The only time that I couldn't was when the men's room was closed because all the toilets were backing up.

Fest co-founder Mark Enoch was quite upset with the problems and is looking for alternative locations for next year. He added:

It was hellish. I don't think I'll ever get some of the customers back because of the venue, and I don't blame them.

Other people weighed in on comments noting:

The owner is lying. I was there. At first they had jugs of water out on the bars as they have in previous years but they were removed. The club tried to jack up beer prices and it backfired on them. ($5 for a can of Boh or PBR was the cheapest option). When bar sales fell flat the club doubled down by locking everybody in and removing the free water. I asked for a glass of tap water and was denied. Several of my friends had the same experience. I was told I had to buy a bottle of water. Eventually the bartender relented and gave me a glass of ice, but would not fill it with water.

Check out the report via the Baltimore Sun.