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Some promising news from yesterday's upsetting story which saw Madina Lake bassist Matthew Leone severely injured after courageously intervening in the beating of a woman in Chicago, IL. According to a MTV report, Matthew's brother Nathan said this:

I've been there for about 72 hours, next to him, constantly, and I basically just took an hour to go home and take a shower. I'm going back [to the hospital] now. Matthew] had all kinds of injuries, and his brain was swelling, so doctors had to remove part of his skull and put it on ice while we wait for the swelling to stop and the hematoma to stop leaking. It was touch and go for a while there, but at this point, things are starting to turn around, which is wonderful, The first couple of days, he couldn't recognize me or say anything coherent, but this morning he did. And now he's aware and talking and moving around a little, which is wonderful. So the prognosis is getting better by the hour.

Unfortunately, the band currently does not have health insurance but "will deal with that when we have to."

The article also notes that Chicago police have already made an arrest in connection Matthew's assault. The "man" has so far been charged with simple domestic battery, a misdemeanor, but has not been charged in connection with the attack on Leone, officials said. More can be found in a Chicago Tribute.