Trailer for Beijing Punk released
Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Movies and Documentaries

The first official trailer has been posted for Beijing Punk, a new documentary by filmmaker Shaun Jefford. Jefford toured China and met a number of fiercely (and legally) underground Chinese punk and hardcore acts including Misandao, Demerit, Hedgehog, The Gar, PK14, Candy Monster and Joyside.. As the trailer notes, the entire movement is forbidden by the communist government which has banned rock from television and most live performances since the 1990s.

Jefford described the film:

When the Olympics came to China the world spotlight turned to a country synonymous with human rights abuses and a totalitarian police state. But under the surface is a growing movement of punks and misfits, the irony of which is not lost on Jefford as he roams this rebellious sub- culture a scratch under the surface of bustling Beijing.