Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Panic

Panic Records has signed Phoenix hardcore act Run with the Hunted.

The label describes them as comprising "the heaviness and technicality of bands like Indecision and Turmoil intermixed with strong noisy flourishes akin to Botch and Catharsis." Our review of the band's 2007 EP, Find Your Way Out, characterized the band has having "influences…obviously rooted in metallic hardcore of the past 15 or so years, with Shai Hulud and Suicide File coming to mind most readily."

The band is currently in the studio tracking their debut full-length with Cory Spotts at Blue Light Audio Media. Their last release was 2009's collections album, Everything Familiar (Refoundation), which included the aforementioned Find Your Way Out and last year's Destroy All Calendars EP (Glory Kid).