by Topshelf

Topshelf Records has announced details on the newest split from Into It. Over It.. The disc is the latest in their Twelve Towns, which previously included a a release with Bob Nanna (Hey Mercedes, Braid, City on Film) and Lauren Lo. The new addition titled Snack Town, features Castavet and four tracks, two from each band. Castevet and Into It. Over It. have each unveiled a new track from Snack Town on their respective myspace pages. Castevet has launched a stream of the track "(Get) Bucktown" and Into It. Over It. has launched a stream of "Somerville, SC."

Snack Town will be limited to a one time pressing of 500 7-inches and will be available digitally as well from all retail outlets and directly from the label. Topshelf Records will be offering an immediate download of the album to everyone who pre orders it.