Weezer has reported on their official website that they will release a limited edition EP this summer entitled "The Lion and The Witch" which will ONLY be available in independent record stores. The EP will have 6 tracks. The release is the result of CIMS and Music Monitor, two groups of unified independent retailers, petitioning against Geffen's practices of releasing material exclusively in chain stores like Best Buy / Kmart / WalMart etc. The group asked for the same treatment, but specifically requested Weezer's involvement. The EP is made up of live tracks recorded on their latest Japanese tour as well as the new version of Keep Fishin'. The release will include special packaging, not a traditional jewel box, despite protests from Geffen over costs. The band was also forced by the label to back down from releasing 8 tracks instead of 6. A seventh song, an unreleased live track known for now as "Polynesia" will still be included but not listed as a separate song. "The Lion and the Witch" will be available at US independent retailers soon in a limited pressing of 25,000.