Angels and Airwaves
Contributed by alex101, Posted by Universal Music Group

Director William Eubank has announced the completion of shooting for the Angels and Airwaves film, LOVE. He had this to say:

We are finally done shooting everything for LOVE. We are officially in the "Tying up loose ends" part… was in adr all day yesterday with Gunner, sound design is moving along and the tracks are getting polished etc. Its been a super long haul, but we are way close. Spent the whole morning cleaning up some of the monster mess I made last weekend while shooting.

Its weird to think that this movie has taken around 4 year. I think in the world of film making its rare to be able to have the pallete of 4 years to create something… might not of had the budget, but we definitely had the time. Both the film and I were able to go through some serious evolution. I think back about it now, and decisions I would have made about things back then I dont think I would have made now and vice versa. I think thats why the film will so cool though. The story almost loosely follows a similar path, or theme, of how time changes eveything, especially perspective. Its funny how true the saying is: that only time can understand how precious love is…

Angels and Airwaves released the album of the same name, LOVE, for free this year.